Burginsellauf Delmenhorst 2013

Imagine starting a run at 3am on a Sunday. It's dark, but there are other runners on that narrow path. Some of them are faster, but there are also many who are much slower than you. The night is cloudy, but it's not dark, because the path you're running is illuminated beautifully in all colors.… Read More »

The Estonian Adventure Run 2012

Last week I ran 33 kilometers through an awesome scenery in and near the small town Viljandi in Estonia. It was not a race, there was no timing and no placement. Instead, there were many friendly and amazing people, (who I hadn’t known before) who did this run with me. So, how did I end… Read More »

Running for 24 hours

Early in 2011, I read on dailymile about a race called „24 Stunden Lauf“ which takes place each year in June in a small town near Bremen, in the north of Germany. The race starts at 12pm Saturday and ends on Sunday exactly 24 hours later. The goal is to run as far as possible.… Read More »

Marathon Memories: Munich 2004

Every marathon runner experiences special moments which he or she remembers forever. Obviously crossing the finish line of your first marathon is such a moment. But today I pick another memory. 8 years ago, on Sunday, October 10th, 2004, I ran my 5th marathon race, the Munich Marathon. I can’t recall much of the race… Read More »

On the Road

Two weeks ago I arrived at Hamburg Airport from work in Stuttgart late in the evening, took the plane to Vienna (together with my wife and my daughter) on Friday to run the Vienna City Marathon, returned to Hamburg on Monday, flew to Stuttgart Tuesday morning and two days later to Berlin to attend a… Read More »

What the iPod meant to me

10 years ago Apple Computer Inc. introduced the first iPod. It was an mp3 player, by no means the first on the market, it was chunky, and it was rather expensive. We all know that the iPod was the base for Apple’s success in the following 10 years – but what meant the iPod for… Read More »

New Half Marathon PR!

Kellenhusen is a beautiful village and holiday resort at the German Baltic Sea, about 50 kilometers north-east of the city of Lübeck. When I was looking for a half marathon race after I missed the Alstertal Halbmarathon in Hamburg two weeks ago due to a cold, I found that there was a set of races in… Read More »